Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What is Real?

Some days you are driven to your wits' end, despite every effort to the contrary.  Your attempt to stay calm and level-headed, believing the best in everyone, is stymied when one of the people you trust the most throws you for a loop.  At what point do you stop believing in them and feeling sorry for them, and finally see them for who they really are? 
People are challenged everyday...some meet these challenges head-on, and triumph valiantly...tired, but triumphant.  Some people are just tired, and crawl under the covers, unwilling even to imagine that the challenge could be invigorating and energizing.  Sadly, these people give others glimmers of hope as they attempt to pull themselves up from the depths, only to lose their grip and fall back...time and time again.  They talk a good talk about all their good intentions, their love of you, their work...but, in the end, what is real?  Do they really rely on you and your good favor to get by, and, if so, are you hurting them by allowing them to believe that you believe in them??

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